How Medium can Act as a Cherry on Cake (For Marketers and Bloggers)

This is How you can combine both Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.


Now that I know, you are interested in Medium (Cause you are reading this on medium), I want to ask you a question.


Are you aware of all the stuff that you can do with this?


A few months back I started experimenting with Medium and added it in my marketing strategies.


Before I started using Medium, I thought it to be just a blogging platform. But I couldn’t go with this for very long.


Now if you ask me for one I will give you 4 Reasons for why you need to add Medium in your Marketing Strategy.


One of the biggest blogging platform-


If you don’t believe me then ask Google. There are many blogging platforms like WordPress (biggest one), Tumbler, Blogger, etc, but none of them can also be stated as a proper social media platform like Medium. So you don’t need to ask people to check out your blog but Medium will do the job for you with it excellent feed algorithm.


Medium allows Recycling (Reposting) –


Did you know this? Medium won’t penalize you for reposting your old content that too without hurting your main blog’s SEO. All you need is to use the canonical tag.


Let’s forget the world and get connected to like-minded people-


With Medium, it’s too easy to know someone’s taste. You can follow the people you like, read their articles and also appreciate it with claps and responses. It’s still not like the other platforms where people follow you to get followed but here the people only follow you when they really mean it.


Get Published on Big Giants-


Medium has many publications that have millions of readers. Now if you want to get established as a writer, you can trust these giants. With your article published in the big publications, you’ll no longer need to find people who might be interested in your content. This works even better than just the Medium Algorithm.


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