How to Build a Personal Brand from Scratch

How to Build a Personal Brand from Scratch
How to Build a Personal Brand from Scratch

Do you have a name?

Do you have any social proof of it?

If yes, then congrats you have a personal brand.

Now what you should really be concerned about is how to promote your personal brand.

The more you promote yourself the more people will start to recognize you. You can’t expect people to start promoting your brand unless you tell them about yourself, what you do and how can you help them grow.

But you can’t tell them about yourself by just shouting out your name loud in public or social media platforms. You need to promote your name by sharing what you’ve done or you can do and why people can trust you as an expert in some filed.

So you here are some simple steps for “How to Build a Personal brand from Scratch”-

Think about Yourself as a Brand-

Unless you don’t treat yourself as a brand name, people also won’t.

Everyone has a personal brand, believe it or not. All you need is just a name and a social proof of it.

Now, have a mindset of treating yourself as a personal brand and try to promote it as more as possible.

Find Your Niche-

You need to be specific to your niche.

Select a niche that is your favourite one. The one you have the maximum knowledge about.

Share your knowledge and help people with it.

Never ever choose a niche for maximum profits or because of someone whom you know is successful in that niche.

For finding a niche, you have to follow your heart.

Just ask yourself these three question-

  1. What do really enjoy doing and are good at?
  2. Do you think there are people like you who like to do this too?
  3. Can you help them do it?

And voila, you have got your niche.

Start a Blog-

Blogging is the best way to share your voice. Start a simple blog and share your knowledge with others through it.

Create your own content marketing strategy and post according to that.

When you start to write and share, people start to know about you and your field of expertise. This does not only allow you have real followers but also lets you help people.

Starting a blog is not a big issue today. all you need to do is register a domain name and find a perfect hosting package or you can simply use any free service like WordPress or Blogger,

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Find your Social Platform-

When you talk about personal branding, social media is the best way to promote it.

The more platforms you cover the more people will come to know about you. But when you are just starting off, I would recommend you to start with 1 Social Media Platform that suits your niche the most. When you start with just one, you are more likely to focus on it and at the beginning, this is what you need.

Give some time to your social media account and let people know about you and your service. Help whenever possible.

Helping people and sharing knowledge with your social media accounts is the best practice for word of mouth marketing.

Also Read- 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Blogging Beginners.


When you share your ups and downs, people get connected to you. Share your story, the real one.

This will create a personal bond with your audience and they will start relating themselves to you.

A story that you think is useless might be an inspiration to someone. These stories will help you in climbing the ladder to become an influencer.

Connect to Influencers-

When you are new then there are chances that influencers might not interact with you.

Then how to leverage the power of influencer marketing?

Start with the small influencers in your niche, reach out to them and connect.

After some time, you’ll see that you have created your own circle of people working in your niche. Ask them for recommendations, tag them in your posts, ask for guest posting on your blogs or ask to submit a guest post on their blog.

You might hear no many times but you’ll definitely find yes as well.

Connecting with them will allow you to interact with their audience as well and hence more chances of promoting your personal brand.

Make sense, right?

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